Master thesis application

For my Master’s thesis I decided to explore interactive storytelling within the Virtual Reality realm. I wanted to understand if Virtual Reality could enhance the interactive storytelling experience. The interactive story is simple, escape a cave that is about to collapse. The core game mechanic is being able to make decisions that influence the narrative. The decisions have consequences on characters and storyline outcomes. There are many different endings with only two endings being correct.


Primary roles required for this project:


Environmental creator/designer.


Using a combination of Maya, Photoshop and Unreal Engine 4. I was able to create cave environments.


Scripting via Blueprints

Using blueprints I was able to create the functionality for the decision making and progressing the player through the storyline.


Storyline scripts

Used for explaining the story and given to voice actors for recording.



Finding free sources to create ambience within the cave.

This application alongside the written portion of my thesis was handed in for submission.